Installing goip sms server on Centos x64.

Installation requires: php <7. Just because or Chinese friends use mysql_ and not mysqli_ or PDO stuff.

cd /tmp
tar xvfz goip_install-v1.2*
cd goip_install

Before running goipcron we should install some i686 stuff

yum install glibc.i686 krb5-libs.i686 zlib.i686

Do not try to make symlinks – that will corrupt whole system.

And systemd oneshot script. /etc/systemd/system/goip.service

Description=Goip cron script


systemctl daemon-reload && systemctl start goip && systemctl enable goip

NB!: That china soft can’t work with: mariadb higher than 5.5. On newer 10.x rungoipcron script just segfault. Also it can’t work with php73 because php files users mysql_connect. And 7.3 support only mysqli&pdo.

So use stock rpms from base repo.

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