How to install guacamole 1.0.0 on Centos 7 box

Hey. Guacamole – really good app that allow you to connect to PC in your net via RDP/SSH/Telnet/VNC. Lets install it.

yum install cairo-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel uuid-devel freerdp-devel pango-devel libssh2-devel libssh-dev tomcat libvncserver-devel libtelnet-devel tomcat-admin-webapps tomcat-webapps gcc terminus-fonts

Download guacamole-server-1.0.0.tar.gz and guacamole-client-1.0.0.tar.gz from offsite. And lets install it

# check what you will install. In good case you will see: VNC, RDP, SSH
make install

Put guacamole-1.0.0.war /var/lib/tomcat/webapps and rename it to guacamole.war

mkdir /etc/guacamole
mkdir /usr/share/tomcat/.guacamole

Create file /etc/guacamole/ with content:

guacd-hostname: localhost<br>
guacd-port:    4822<br>
user-mapping:    /etc/guacamole/user-mapping.xml
basic-user-mapping:    /etc/guacamole/user-mapping.xml
ln -s /etc/guacamole/ /usr/share/tomcat/.guacamole/

Lets add user. Generate hash via printf ‘%s’ “superpass” | md5sum

                <connection name="RHEL 7">
                        <param name="hostname"></param>
                        <param name="port">22</param>
                        <param name="username">sshusername</param>
                        <param name="private-key">-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----</param>
                        <param name="passphrase">SSHKEYPASSPHRASE</param>
                        <param name="font-name">terminus</param>
                <connection name="Windows 2k19">
                        <param name="hostname"></param>
                        <param name="port">3389</param>
                        <param name="security">tls</param>
                        <param name="ignore-cert">true</param>
                        <param name="enable-drive">true</param>
                        <param name="drive-path">/data/rdpexchange</param>

chmod 600 /etc/guacamole/user-mapping.xml
chown tomcat:tomcat /etc/guacamole/user-mapping.xml

Add to the bottom of /etc/tomcat/


Lets make systemd file: /etc/systemd/system/guacamole.service

Description=Guacamole Server

ExecStart=/usr/local/sbin/guacd -f

systemctl daemon-reload && systemctl start guacamole && systemctl enable guacamole && systemctl start tomcat && systemctl enable tomcat

Make folder /data/rdpexchange for File-Exchange-OverRDP.

For my windows installation i make one fix in regedit:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp]
SecurityLayer set to 1
UserAuthentication set to 0

Now go to http://serverurl:8080/guacamole/

Enter your login and password and you should see and connect to your hosts.

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